Heroes 3 Tournament-Frenzy Attack 2-Fighting the World

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Heroes 3 Tournament-Frenzy Attack 2-Fighting the World

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Frenzy Attack II Tournament

Tournament is open for the first 64 players that have LH account.

By signing you accept all terms and rules of tournament and you declare to stick to them. If you don't play your games by your fault, admins have right to punish you by:

-30 pkt to amator league if case is about first 3 rounds (first stage)
-50 pkt to amator league if case is about last 5 rounds (second stage)
There are 2 stages and 8 rounds:

group stage - includes first 3 rounds
final stage - includes last 5 rounds
All games must be played on LH rules expert version, with special files for this tournament copied to Data directory. Download - Files package prepared for Frenzy Attack II tournament

Group stage
Games played on 2sm4d(3) L+U 130%, no water, no underground, strong monsters, 6 minutes per turn. Players will be divided on 16 groups, 4 players in each with using random method.

Here is description of first 3 rounds:

1 round - first pairs will be randomize by league system (simultaneously randomizing groups), after 1st round independent of battle result no one leaves tournament.
2 round - winners of the first round in their groups plays with each other for better position in next round, loosers of the first round in their groups play with each other for standing in tournament (loose means end of competitions for these players). Player who won 2 rounds has 1st place and don't need to fight in 3rd round, just wait for 2nd stage (2 weeks break).
3 round - only for players that already has 1/1 (won/lost). Last chanse for 2nd stage, winners promote, loosers are out of tournament.
Each of 1st stage rounds persist 2 weeks and there is no possibility to make it longer.

Final stage
All games are on 2sm4d(3) 160%, no water, no undergrounds, strong monsters, 8 minutes per turn with principle of rejection of the castles.

Here is characteristic of final stage:

4 round (1/16 final) - 16 players with 2/0 (win/loose) fight with remains. Winners getting promotion to 1/8 final.
5 round (1/8 final) - by ladder 8 pairs. Winners getting promotion to quarterfinal.
6 round (quarterfinal) - by ladder 4 pairs, winners going for top 4.
7 round (semifinal) - 2 pairs by ladder, loosers don't need to play anymore.
8 round (final) - winner becomes official master of Frenzy Attack II Tournament and takes Premium account for next season of LH League. Looser becomes official runner. After final results are pronounced, and TOP4 honoured by staying in news. Lost pair from semifinal can play 3rd place game (L or XL), but their game must finish before final game (to write it in news). Final Match can be played to 2 wins if both players agree. They will receive 2 addtional weeks for that.
Each of Final stage rounds persist 2 weeks, judges can make it longer, but only in special situasions. All games are one-play, what gives 8 battles to play.

Judge Squad are - Kumbat, Liczmistrz and Pentacz.

The Tournament is FREE!!!


See the tournament ladder http://legends-of-heroes.com/tournaments-tree-1..html

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