[Fan] Nouvelles de Legends of the Ancients

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[Fan] Nouvelles de Legends of the Ancients

Messagepar vyse » Mar 25 Sep 2007, 07:38

Version 1.1 sortie: http://lota.celestialheavens.com/files/lota-b1-fr.zip

Le livre 2 qui devait sortir en Septembre ne sortira finalement qu'en Octobre (peut etre pour l'adapter ? Toe).

De plus le livre 1 va ressortir en version 1.1. Voici le changelog:

Legends of the Ancients 1.1 Changelog


Enemy heroes start at level 5


Towns of Rija, Vitross and Nekorrum have more buildings

Enemy heroes (Player 2) start at level 10

Gauldoth can't go out of his fortress

The objects for the guilds' quests only appear after you get the quest


Lysander only appears after 2 weeks

Enemy heroes start at level 7


Two-ways portals have been replaced by one-way portals

The bag of endless gold is correctly removed after the "old man" quest


Player 3's starting hero (Marcius) starts at level 21.

You can't go in the dwarven mines before beating Player 3 (no more "sequence breaking")

More dragons in the Dragon's Lair


Enemy is overall stronger (more buildings in castles, heroes start at level 20)

Enemy Reinforcements appear after one month to spice up things.

Castle view in the pirate towns doesn't flicker anymore. (I linked the wrong file, d'oh !)

Due to popular demand, a boss has been added :)

Et en bonus les modifications pour une ville sous marines: http://img127.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... 029ov9.jpg
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